“They prey on unsuspecting parents who think they’re helping their child”: Interview with Amanda Seigler about bogus autism research at universities, Part 2

A woman seated, looking at the camera, beside a window with light streaming in. She has long dark hair, black glasses, a pastel purple and yellow scarf and pink T-shirt.
Amanda Seigler

This is part 2 of my interview with Amanda Seigler, a children’s rights advocate and autistic activist, about university studies on autism that have questionable ethics. We talk about Duke University’s experiments where autistic preschoolers are being restrained and injected with stem cells to see if it will change them. There are many risks involved and no benefit to this process, which is currently under fire for conflicts of interest.

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Listen to the audio of part 2 at the link below or find it on iTunes or other podcast platforms.
Transcript: Transcript_Seigler2_Noncompliant