“Letting people know that it’s ok to be your original self”: Talking about breast cancer & autistic community with Melanie Keiling

I had such a heartfelt and illuminating conversation with Melanie, founder of the  Autistic Grandma online community first about autistic online communities, then about combating sexism in the world of breast cancer care.

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Read the transcript by clicking the file below the audio.

Transcript by Julie Ann Lee: Transcript_Melanie_Keiling_Noncompliant

Melanie Keiling is an autistic mother of autistic children. She runs the blog Autistic Grandma, and campaigns for autistic human rights, and works with the autistic community directly to provide emotional support for individual self healing, self care, and personal development. Her goal is to create a stronger community by providing a platform for change in the way autism is viewed by the world, and to help gather autistics together to support one another.

Autistic Grandma page on Facebook

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