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Newest Episode: Algorithms and Outrage: Talking with Charles Arthur, author of Social Warming, The Dangerous and Polarising Effects of Social Media

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Host bio
I’m Anne Borden King, your host. I’m a co-founder of Ontario’s autistic self-advocacy organization, Autistics for Autistics and Executive Director of the Campaign Against Phony Autism Cures. I’m also a writer. My work has appeared in the New York Times, Healthy Debate, The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism and other publications. My expose on the CPRI, a residential institution in Ontario, won the 2021 Helen Henderson Award. It can be read here. My forthcoming book, Autism, Inc. explores the industries around autism.

About the podcast
I launched this podcast as a place to talk about neurodiversity, children’s rights and disability rights. Guests are all working for human rights and inclusion in various capacities: as advocates, activists, scholars, medical professionals, entertainers and authors.

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