Noncompliant – the podcast

 Welcome to Noncompliant – the podcast. You can read related content and listen to it here or listen on Stitcher or iTunes!

I’m Anne, your host. I am a co-founder of Ontario’s autistic self-advocacy organization, Autistics for Autistics Ontario and Executive Director of the Campaign Against Phony Autism Cures. I launched this podcast as a place to talk about human rights in the context of neurodiversity, as well as other topics related to neurodiversity.

My guests are all working for human rights and inclusion in various capacities: as activists, scholars, writers, grassroots workers, entertainers and more, often with a focus on youth rights. In the podcast, we discuss how institutions practice social control, how these practices get normalized and how we can (and do) intervene to make change.

Some of the topics we’re covering: AAC and communication rights; the problem of ABA; autism pseudoscience; ADHD in historical context; juvenile justice; neurodiversity; autism in popular culture; the autistic self-advocacy movement; sexuality; independent supported living; special education; access to health care; and inclusion.

Each episode has a page with the audio for the podcast and a blog entry about the guest/episode, including links to resources.

In the future, I will also have links to full transcriptions of the each episode: currently fundraising for that. I’m sorry there is a delay on that, but I am still fundraising.

New episodes of Season 1 will be posted throughout the summer. In the fall I hope to begin Season 2, which will focus on oral histories from the autistic self-advocacy movement!