Talking about neurodiversity, monotropism & more with Scottish activist Fergus Murray

I had an amazing conversation with Fergus Murray, a Scottish science educator, writer, autistic advocate and author of the website.

We talked about the concept of monotropism, which was co-founded by Murray’s late mother, Dr. Dinah Murray, as well as Fergus’s experiences growing up in a neurodivergent household and the joys of Autscape! We also discussed the problems of the Spectrum 10k project and aspie supremacy, the future of neurodiversity and the importance of being weird.

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Transcript by Julie-Ann Lee: Noncompliant_transcript_Fergus Murray

Fergus Murray is an autistic science teacher, writer and community organiser–a co-founder, and the current chair, of AMASE (Autistic Mutual Aid Society Edinburgh). Fergus’s mom, Dinah Murray, was a pioneering autistic researcher and activist as well as co-creator of the theory of Monotropism. Fergus has authored the website and  is the founder of They also create slow-motion videos of water, and giant puppets.

We need to talk about aspie supremacists