Understanding monkeypox–and social media misinformation: Interview with journalist Benjamin Ryan

Benjamin Ryan

This was such an interesting interview! Benjamin Ryan has been covering infectious disease and LGBTQ health for two decades. We talk about the positive changes we can see in public health today as a result of grassroots work during the HIV/AIDS crisis, as well as the need to do more education about the monkeypox crisis, health disinformation and its impact in the LGBTQ communities.

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Benjamin Ryan is an independent science reporter who has been covering infectious disease and LGBTQ health for two decades. He has been covering the monkeypox outbreak for NBC News and has published opeds on the topic in the Washington Post. He also contributes to The New York Times, the Guardian and Thomson Reuters Foundation. You can check him out at @benryanwriter on Twitter or at benryan.net.

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Talking about Covid, monkeypox, health disinfo & “the 2022 effect” with virologist Alex Greninger

Portrait photo of a white man with shhort broanhair in a blue dress shirt, smiling
Alex Greninger

I had an amazing conversation with University of Washington virologist Dr Alex Greninger, whose team innovated one of the earliest Covid tests. We talked about how they developed the test; public health policy; the current monkeypox crisis; other viruses & “the 2022 effect”; and the virological and sociological implications of the pandemic since 2020.

Listen to the podcast on the audio link below. Also available on Spotify, Stitcher or iTunes.


Dr Greninger is the Larry Corey Assistant Professor in the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, Assistant Director of the clinical virology laboratories at the University of Washington Medical Center, and a board-certified clinical pathologist. He earned an MS in Biological Sciences/Immunology from Stanford, a Master’s in Epidemiology from Cambridge, an MD/PhD from University of California San Francisco, and completed his laboratory medicine residency at the University of Washington.

Info on the Monkeypox health crisis, from GMHC
News: Innovator of the Year awarded to directors of University of Washington virology lab