The shifting landscape of autism services: Therapist Neurodiversity Collective’s Julie Roberts

A woman with long blond hair, smiling, against a white backdrop Today I spoke with Julie Roberts, founder of Therapist Neurodiversity Collective (TNDC). We talked about the ABA industry’s troubling attempts to dominate autism services and funding, as well as the culture shift needed to increase support for neurodiversity-affirming autism supports and services.

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Transcript by Julie-Ann Lee: Transcript_NoncompliantPodcast_JulieRoberts

Julie Roberts, a formally late-identified Autistic woman, is a Speech-Language Pathologist, neurodiversity educator and activist who founded Therapist Neurodiversity Collective in 2018 and Public School Neurodiversity Collective in 2022. Her professional experiences include private practice ownership for 7 years, and being a multi-state Clinical Director, and National Field Director of Corporate Compliance for one of the largest post-acute rehab companies in the U.S. She currently works in her favorite setting: the U.S. public school system. Julie’s articles and educational resources have reached over three-quarters of a million people.